winter salads

by banannalouise

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I’ve returned after a long absence to tell you: it’s been a winter of salads. A year of salads, even. For Christmas in New Orleans, I roasted chicken thighs with local tomatoes & lots of garlic & parsley. And lately, I’ve roasted several pans of vegetables, eaten with herb-spiked yogurt.

But, the salads.

Winter salads are some of the very best kind. Sturdy, happy to marinate in mustardy vinaigrettes for days. Jewel-toned and restorative.
I made a slaw/salad hybrid of finely shredded red cabbage with chives, & parsley. It was mineral, herbaceous and just-sweet.
I made an earthy salad of red kale & avocado with mint.
I spent a cold, clear day tidying and eating bowl after bowl of chard, radicchio & kale salad with roasted tomatoes, currants, chickpeas and almonds.
I made a toothsome farro salad with roasted sweet potatoes, arugula, goat’s cheese and scallions.

For the coming week, however, I admit I will put away the salad bowl. I’m going to dust off the dutch oven and making some ribollita, with the Saltie cookbook as my guide. I’m going to roast some more chicken thighs. And I’m going to tell you all about it.

(images via Saltie).