here & there

by banannalouise


So, the other day I boiled chubby-thumb fingerlings, blanched carrots cut on the diagonal, and tossed the lot with a generous pour of olive oil, minced garlic, lemon juice and marjoram. It made a big dish to last for a few sittings; whenever I wanted a bowl, I steamed a handful of spinach and added finishing salt and a dollop of ricotta. It was hot & cold, restorative, the golden-green oil revived. Recommended, gents.

kale_market_salad_2 lizzie-harry-squre 19724389

I like to eat that sort of thing with some salami and these crackers, which I am so obsessed with I’ve starting buying them in bulk online– I mention this because it’s comical, but it’s no joke; I really have.

Out & about it’s been Vietnamese noodle salad colorful with radish and herb and octopus; pâté bahn mis, financiers, with their mysterious almond flavor; two-cappuccino-mornings (with the lushest local milk).

I can’t wait to make & eat this— and more octopus noodle salad, of course. please & thank you.

Also, I’ve been ogling this gorgeousness, reading about a private idol, and smiling over this film, which is sweet, strange, and beautiful.