by banannalouise


So, I recently agreed with a friend to detox & diet a bit. I like the idea of a refresh, something to reengage and lighten our physical + mental states.

for her (oh, brave yoga-going girl!), this means cutting out gluten & grains, potatoes, fruit, dairy, and sugar. for me, on chilly patio nights with loved ones, this means merguez sausage sandwiches, hot red oil staining the baguette, with herb-speckled pommes frites + aioli and an IPA.
for me, it means focusing on contentedness and joy rather than anxiety and negativity.

the week has been spicy salami, little wax-covered cheddars, and a green juice with all sorts of loveliness including jalapeno and pineapple; roasted beet & fennel salad with orange, malty seeded crackers with musty fennel-pollen scented goat cheese; tabbouleh with roasted peppers and almonds.
one day, I had a long late lunch with an abundant salad– cucumbers, beets, carrots, chickpeas, feta, turkey, and mixed greens. today I just had yogurt, chocolate covered berries, and dried mango.

and boy, I feel wonderful.

(heidi swanson)