kale & olive oil & other latelies

by banannalouise


scrambled eggs with kale, cooked in a big French casserole dish. this is very soul-enriching; saute some kale and spinach in good olive oil with a decent pinch of salt, and crack the eggs right into the pot of greens, stirring patiently with a wooden spoon until all is in readiness.

or! get out that big casserole dish. give it a glug of olive oil and dump in some [cooked] beans with a bit of their cooking liquid (I prefer ceci beans) and simmer them until they’re really fall-apart tender (not long); mash them up until you have a paste, throw in some kale (or your hearty green of choice), another slip of olive oil and a pinch of salt & put on the lid. this steams the greens in a cloud of starch and oil until they’re tender. when all is in readiness, top off a big bowl of creamy beans and kale with still more olive oil and maybe some red chile flakes or a fried egg. and you are whole.

the kittens are in the habit of dutifully waking me up at 6am; if I sleep in they are plaintive, impatient. so, I get up and run.

it’s been kale & olive oil, running and listening to records, and life seems peaceful, and reasonable.

(“oh fried eggs!”, perhaps the greatest tumblr.)