by banannalouise

Just popping in with a quick hello!

I’ve been falling asleep to the summer rain and Beach House’s new album, Bloom.

Been falling in love with Father John Misty (note: his videos are insane and icky but also mesmerizing.)

Perhaps best of all lately is this wondrous, endearing list of presidents’ favorite foodstuffs.

Some of my favorites:

Woodrow Wilson: Chicken salad, ham, peach cobbler, fresh eggs (sometimes raw), biscuits, strawberry ice cream, and Georgia kiss pudding.
Rutherford B. Hayes: Coffee and tea, cornmeal battercakes, green corn fritters, French pickles, oyster stew, corned beef, veal cutlets, white cake.
Abraham Lincoln: Apples, coffee, bacon, milk, johnnycakes, honey, and chicken.
William Henry Harrison: Squirrel stew, roast wild duck, apple cider, cornbread, cheese, and fresh vegetables.
Martin Van Buren: Boar’s head, oysters, doughnuts, figs, raisins, and apples.
James Monroe: Fried chicken with rice, biscuits, tomatoes and eggs, spoon bread, chess cakes, sponge cakes, and cream jumbles.

Unsurprisingly, the further back in history, the better the chosen foods sound to me. I adore when these sorts of lists form a really strong, unified image of one’s personality and taste.

See you later, alligators.