by banannalouise

Horitaki salads, with sweet cucumber and sweeter tomatoes and a most delicately flavored feta; a variation yesterday was sour-sweet yellow tomatoes, cucumber, and ricotta drizzled with olive oil. Dreamy.
Dinner unfolded effortlessly, with a pitch perfect potato salad I made that afternoon– skin-on, mashed lightly with a fork, with a splash of apple cider vinegar, a goodly amount of Hellman’s, and loads of herbs from the porch.
Accompaniments included boiled eggs, a wedge of baguette, slices of parmesan, and a peach.

Today was lots of iced coffee with milk, and a lunch of chicken salad with sunflower sprouts and diced carrots dressed with some salt, pepper, and oil.

The heat is here ’till November, most likely, but I still say: Bless this heat and dry wind! Bless the lingering days, the basil on my patio, the ice in my coffee, the warm evenings and cool & simple food.