random philosophizing on eating, as ever.

by banannalouise

here’s something that disturbs me: you know the mindset of many a restaurant-goer, perhaps one upheld by friends of yours, family: the, ‘why would I order it if I can make it at home’ theory?
yes, that: it disturbs me. I find this entirely against the point. some of the more important and simple joys of the day are found in making the food you want to eat. to me, that food should generally be straightforward, something true to its ingredients and your own taste. if your favorite cafe doesn’t provide that kind of food, where is the appeal? if you aren’t making the food you want to eat, what are you making? why be entertained by your food, rather than nourished and comforted?
eat what you want, what feels right; eat what you’d like to make for yourself. always. this is as much about trusting your taste as it is about food that is honest. it is about appreciating food for its finest qualities: as something that is simple, and really quite beautiful in that respect.