by banannalouise


Baguette with butter and honey in the morning, butter and salami in the evening. Having real bread in the house has made me about 10x happier. I always tear out the middle and stash it away; it’s almost time for panzanella. My favorite, my very favorite!

Salads with a mix of chard, kale, radicchio, savoy cabbage; one day I had golden raisins & walnuts, carrots & apple, parmesan, salami, and a sweet vinaigrette. Another, the same earthy mix with yellow tomato, avocado, more walnuts– bitter, rich, meaty; they are so mysterious and satisfying.

I simmered some black beans tonight with herbs, sauteed carrots and onion, spices like cumin, cayenne, cinnamon. To be topped with avocado, sea salt, and lots of love.

And potatoes, peas and carrots are going to make a lovely little soup.

Yes. Warm weather and good food, yes.