by banannalouise

I recently came across Louise, an amazing illustrator with a pretty fashion blog and just about the prettiest tumblr you’ve ever seen.

Elegance seems to define everything she does.








As we all know, simplicity defines good taste as well as good eating (ha!), a fact that I was reminded of in lunching on a cold baked sweet potato.

I geared up the oven to 400 degrees last night, pricked a sweet potato all over with a fork, and let it bake until the house smelt of caramel, and natural juices, sugars & oils were running down the blessed, fall-apart tuber (and indeed caramelizing and browning). I never time this process, but it probably takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

I mixed some butter, dried chile & rosemary, fresh chopped basil, and salt & pepper together and I split the tender potato open easily when it was cool enough to handle. Being careful about it, I then spread the inside with the butter mixture, wrapping it up, save and sound, in foil for today.

Sitting damp and downtrodden, rained on and hungry, and being able to pull out that foil package covered in golden oils and smelling sweet, was mighty fine.