new year

by banannalouise

One resolution?

To be around here more often. Another –no offense– more serious & earnest one is to reconnect to my food. I was real connected, there, for awhile. Eating seasonally, locally; cooking all the time. I was really absorbed in it.

And then I moved back home and ate alot of pizza because I worked at a pizzeria and already missed New York, and tacos and barbecue because I’m back in Texas, and yes, I had some good meals along the way. But, I say: Changes Are To Be Made. And I will reconnect with my food.

Meanwhile, I’ve made red cabbage salads + olives and feta and a stew of tomatoes, rosemary-inflected chickpeas, a bit of diced salami, and ditaloni pasta. The first time we just ate it, warm & honest, but for leftovers I’ve been adding steamed spinach, olive oil, and fresh ricotta.

A good start, but I’d like things to get more austere, for awhile, in the name of awareness and thankfulness and Change.

I am also working more than ever on my shop, and coming to terms with the whole of an illustrator: that is, illustrating with projects & a purpose in mind; oftentimes doing personal work quite separately. Recipe cards are forthcoming.