here’s lookin’ at fall

by banannalouise

It’s finally cooling off, here. So, I am thinking…

Roasted pumpkin! Overripe tomatoes! Blackberries!

Fishermen sweaters; scarves and boots!

At Terrain, there are wondrous things for Autumn:
This tea towel.
Gorgeous knives for pumpkin, cheddar, apples, etc.
For cultivating new crops.
For rolling pastry.
For warm drinks.
For chilly nights.
For cool soirees.

Tomorrow, I am going to stock up some tomatoes and make hoards of mayonnaisey sandwiches on rye, with pickles and sharp cheddar. Celebrate those tomatoes, people!

This Fall, I am feeling high-waisted pants, leather, chambray, plaid, and NARS Morocco lipstick. And roasted pumpkin with scads of herbs and red chiles.

Autumn will start in earnest, soon, and meanwhile I will enjoy the shortening days and watch French films from the ’70s (Claire’s Knee, full of dappled-light, gold & blue, silk shirts & trousers), and look wistfully upon my camel sweater.