Hello, hello, hello!

by banannalouise

I am very late.

So without ado: lately I’ve been cultivating an aesthetic. Focusing on color in my drawings. Gold, pink, green. Rearranging; lining up colored glass bottles along the windowsill. Gazing lovingly at my Madewell catalog (chambray shirts, loafers, printed dresses, oh my!), hanging art in the house.

I am cultivating idols and happily absorbing little ideas on beauty. The light in old films. Jean Seberg, Jane Birkin, Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn.  She really had something, no?

More latelys:

Electric Light Orchestra & Charlie Parker. One for joy and one for inspiration + reflection. ‘Nuff said.

Tomboy Style: This blog a joy. I find it endlessly inspiring, and it celebrates my obsession with chambray & sailor shirts and canvas jackets.

Chanceco has a sunny disposition and excellent wares. Look at the beach towels!

An onion & potato tart + rosemary and coarse mustard; smoked salmon with herbs, lemon, olive oil; roasted sweet potatoes & zucchini with naan, sambal oelek and yogurt. Blueberries. Siggi’s yogurt! I like the vanilla, studded with tiny beans.

See you later, gators.