highlights from Enoteca

by banannalouise

My sister and I have a favorite place, a little trattoria, Enoteca. We recently made some time to visit on our birthday and this Saturday.
Those meals featured amazing things: seafood pasta with mussels, squid, clams and a briny, spicy tomato sauce; fried zucchini + chile-aioli!
Later in the week we split calamari & aioli, and I had a caprese with bright & tart Green Zebras; Aimee had a muffaletta, its basket brimming ceci frito. Italian wedding cookies with Prosecco? Yes.

Today, we split the leftover muffaletta half, and I made a small caprese with leftover wedges of mozzarella; we cut some watermelon, and I reflected that the Italians really understand summer eating.