hello there

by banannalouise

I went to the market yesterday!
The big one in downtown Austin, with molasses-bacon BLTs being hawked alongside peaches and blackberry jam and sourdough and peppers and basil and tomatoes and big heads of chard. Oh, my.
So far, things have been kept simple; just a couple lunches have sprung from the bounty: an arugula salad + yellow tomato, basil, boiled egg, and sunflower seeds; another with pear, brie, and parmesan.
But! On the menu, there are greater things, such as:
Cous-cous with roasted pattypan squash + pesto
Marinated potato and tomato salad with basil and sardines
Sandwiches on baguette with turkey, brie, local blackberry jam, and arugula
Zucchini & eggplant trifolati
Grated carrot salad + thyme
also, a Plum torte.