That roadside French café

by banannalouise

Let me tell you about La Boite:

The entire endeavor is inspiring. I cannot stress enough how in awe I am of their construction—it is a restaurant built up from an old shipping container!

It is so unabashedly sustainable and small-scale, so thoughtful and modest and simple.

And today, I lunched there with my friend and we feasted on local-ingredient laden sandwiches: ham & cheese with spicy Fireman’s 4 infused Dijon mustard and meaty slices of roasted red pepper; also, a delicate and creative vegetarian special with rich Brie and honey, chopped walnuts, and spicy arugula. Savory nuts, buttery cheese, spicy greens and sweet honey.

It was windy and we were all blown around in the warm air; we talked about how excellent the lavender-infused lemonade was, and peanut butter & jelly on English muffins, and bad childhood haircuts.

La Boite! You are so special.