groceries, II

by banannalouise

apples, a pear, arugula, leeks, shallots, yellow onions, waxy potatoes, thyme, celery, canned tomatoes, cannellini beans, spaghetti, buckwheat & sweet potato noodles, trail mix, olive oil, coffee, aloe & green tea all-purpose cleaner.

Isn’t that all so nice? I love groceries. I love carrying them in a brown paper sack, and carefully cleaning my produce and putting it away and writing out what I plan to make this week.

I had some of those carrots in a grated carrot salad with a nice hit of dijon and flecks of parsley, with some cheddar and dried fruit + sunflower seeds. Now, the order of the day is a big provencal vegetable soup with dollops of parsley pesto.

Have a wonderful day.