we’ll get to know each other

by banannalouise

So, we’ve established some things already.

Such as, I like jambon gruyere –oh, holiest of French sandwiches; crusty baguette, generously buttered and filled with salty cured ham and nutty gruyere cheese!– however, I would like to go  further, to invest myself in this space, to introduce myself to it. Also, to introduce myself. Hello! Again!

My favorite band is the Velvet Underground. My favorite movie is Band Apart. I like to make lists, especially grocery lists. Right now I have crossed off beets, carrots, lemons, arugula, cheddar, eggs, and am going to make grated beet & carrot salad with parsley, ginger + garlic; a big golden frittata with arugula and sharp Irish cheddar.

Today it is so, so cold, and so pretty. The world looks like a marble.