by banannalouise

at home:

roasted chicken thighs with white wine & rosemary, chile, and garlic; mashed sweet potatoes with honey, butter, and black pepper; green salad. bread for mopping the plate.

a rustic, homey onion tart: its crust flaky and browned, its filling heady with subtly sweet caramelized onions rich with cream and warm with nutmeg.

smashed tuna & chickpea salad with lemon, chile, rosemary, cilantro on a roll.  roasted sweet potatoes + cherry tomatoes, all gem-like, shriveled, tart.

out & about:

chopped salad with salami, chickpeas, provolone, sweet peppers, olives, boiled egg, a bright vinaigrette. warm smells of calamari, fennel-sausage, spicy tomato sauce. a table next to the clanging kitchen in my favorite cafe.

at a tiny, roadside French cafe (coffee, macaron, sandwiches!) after a goodly hike: demi-baguette with turkey, brie + fig jam; demi-baguette with pesto, goat’s cheese, and roasted red pepper. blackberry macaron. high winds on the Texas plains.